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1980 birth in Kochi Japan
1998-2002 B.F.A,in Painting ,osaka university of art
2002-2004 M.F.A. in Painting, Kyoto City University of Arts

Solo show
Mar 2008 Meeting/Osaka Japan(Studio J)
Mar 2009 Screen/Osaka Japan(Studio J)
Oct 2009 A room is getting ruined /Kyoto(Antenna AAS)
Apr 2010 Twins in the Labyrinth/Tokyo Japan(GALLERY TERRA TOKYO)
Apr 2012 Feral Feast /Tokyo Japan(GALLERY TERRA TOKYO)
jun 2013 Small Beings Colored Cruelly /Tokyo Japan(GALLERY TERRA TOKYO)
Dec 2014- Jan 2015 Animals 2008-2014 / Kyoto Japan (GAKEI GIMLET SAAS)

Group show
Aug 2002 Vector12 / Osaka Japan(CASO)
Aug 2003 Art in Camp / Osaka Japan(CASO)
Sep 2004 KYO-RYU Art Project / Okinawa Japan(shinten-chi)
May 2005 A brain anatomist of 17 years old looks at a mirror in the morning / Kyoto Japan(Doujidai Gallery)
Jan 2007 Sound of My art / Kyoto Japan
Sept 2007 Work of Uzumasa(OpenStudio) / Kyoto Japan(UzuichiStudio)
Dec2007 Art Jam in Kyoto / kyoto Japan(The Museum of Kyoto.)
Aug2008 Jeans factory art award 2008 / Kochi Japan(kouchi city culuture-plaza cul-port)
Aug2008 Art in Camp-invitation artist- / Osaka Japan(gallery yamaguchi)
Nov2008 UZUMASA Business trip/ Kyoto Japan(Art Space NIJI)
Mar2009 now here, nowhere/ Kyoto Japan(Kyoto Art Center)
Mar2009 VOCA2009/ Tokyo Japan(Ueno Royal Museum)
Oct,Nov2011 SHIFT←311 / Hiroshima Japan (ART CAFE G-BOX)
Feb,Mar2012 Continuous Exhibition “discussion the landscape”/ Tokyo Japan(satoshi koyama gallery)
Jun2012 INOB ORDER 2.0 /Kochi Japan(machikado city gallery)
May 2013 identity IX -curated by Reiko Tsubaki- /Tokyo Japan (nichido contemporary)
Jan,sept 2013 perceiving /Tokyo Japan(GALLERY TERRA TOKYO)
21-7 Jun 2013 Kawaii/Athens Greece (C.A.M.P Contemporary Art Meeting Point)
26 Aug-8 Sept 2013 Thinking Landscapes in Mongolia /Ulaanbaatar Mongolia (Modern Art Museum of Mongolia)
Aug-Sept 2013 Kami Art annual Vol.1 / Kochi Japan (Kami city art museum)
Oct 2014 15th DMZ International Art Festival /Korea
7-21 June 2015 Exhibition at Artist in Residence Combaz7/cran-montana Swiss (Combaz7)
26 Sep – 29 Oct 2016 Painting Exthbition of Modern Art China , South Korea , Japan , England / Shanghai China ( DaHu Art Center Shanghai )
5 Nov – 18 Dec 2016 Bi no chousensha tach by Art award collection / Kochi Japan (Kami city art museum)

Artist Residency
Jul-Aug 2015 Combaz7/Cran-Montana Swiss (Combaz7)

Art fair
Jul 2008 Art fair OSAKA -studio J-/ Osaka Japan(Doujima-hotel)
Oct 2008 Emerging director’s art fair”Ultra 001′′ / Tokyo Japan(Take Ninagwa)
June 2009 SCOPE Basel/ Basel Japan(GALLERY TERRA TOKYO)
Aug 2009 Art Osaka / Osaka Japan(Studio J)
Sept 2009 KIAF 2009/Soul Korea(GALLERY TERRA TOKYO)
Apr 2011 Art fair TOKYO/Tokyo Japan(GALLERY TERRA TOKYO)
18 Oct-3 Nov SHOP ART WALK / Tokyo Japan (island Japan)

Nov 2006 Scholarship of The Holbein
Dec 2007 Winning grand prix section Grand Prix
Aug 2008 Jeans factory art award 2008 Second Prize Jan 2011 CONCOURS des Tableaux Award of Excellence

Japigozzi collection
Jeans factory art collection
Daiwa press